Looking back at BLACKPINK’s pre-debut photos, who was the most fashionable among the 4 girls?

Since their debut era, BLACKPINK members had already had good taste in fashion; that’s why they are now being the models for various famous fashion brands.

Until now, it would not be an exaggeration to say that among the YG artists, BLACKPINK members are the most successful idols in fashion. The 4 girls receive continuous calls from the local and global brands and continue to set numerous records that no other KPOP idol has ever done before. To get to this place, BLACKPINK had been practicing really hard for a long time in the basement of YG. However, through just a few old photos, we could easily realize that BLACKPINK had proved themselves as potential fashionistas since their trainee days.

Being trainees under YG, a company that emphasizes rap, the 4 girls had been told to perform sassy, strong, and a bit dark concepts since their very first days. Therefore, people often saw them in black clothes. In particular, they mostly wore skinny jeans, denim shorts, jeans coats, tank tops or checked shirts, etc. in order to bring out the dark vibe.
The monthly evaluation sessions were the time for the girls to try their best to win the debut ticket.  Therefore, they often chose neat, body-hugging outfits to perform choreography and show off their physical strength efficiently.  And, the girls also seemed to prefer combat boosts to sneakers
BLACKPINK members’ fashion choices were more diverse when they were not practicing. Jennie quickly established herself as a trendy fashionista at that time. Jisoo also stood out with a leopard print sweater and a beanie hat.
Jennie quickly exposed her seductive side in western style with mesh tights, denim shorts, a two-piece top, and a joker from that moment forward. Jisoo, on the other hand, simply wore denim shorts with a white T-shirt. Until now, this has been the two girls’ typical style: Jennie prefers sexiness and flexibility, while Jisoo prefers a style that combines femininity and dynamism.
The maknae-line is also often seen together.  Through photos taken by fans, we can see Lisa and Rosé’s tall and slim bodies.  The two girls seem to dress more simply than Jisoo and Jennie, only mixing & matching a few basic items.  At that time, black Converse and Vans were loved by many young people, and of course, Lisa and Rosé were no exception.
But the most outstanding member was probably Rosé.  Since before debut, Rosé’s waistline has been very admirable.  With black dyed hair and bold makeup, Rosé looked both cool and seductive.

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