aespa’s comeback is a huge success: impressive digitals, breaking sales records

After a week since the release of aespa’s mini album “My World”, it is safe to say their comeback is a huge success. 

On May 8th, aespa officially made their comeback and released the mini album “My World” with title song “Spicy”. It has been a week ever since, and the girl group already achieved astounding results. 


In particular, aespa’s “My World” recorded the highest first-day sales for a girl group, with 1,372,929 copies according to Hanteo. The album then went on to sell 1,698,784 copies in the first week, making aespa the best-selling girl group in the first week in Hanteo history.

Adding to this, “My World” entered the Top 10 best-selling albums in Hanteo history, standing alongside top boy groups and male artists. With this, aespa’s first week sales (Hanteo) has also become the highest among artists of SM Entertainment. 


On the other hand, aespa is also doing extremely well on Korean music platforms, with “Spicy” placing 1st on Bugs, 3rd on Melon, 4th on Genie, and 4th on FLO as of 10 AM (KST) on May 15th. 

The song has also reached a new peak regarding unique listeners on Korean platform Melon, with 329,086 unique listeners. 

Overall, “My World” and “Spicy” has once again established aespa’s position on the Kpop map. 

Source: VKR

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