NewJeans fansites continue to close due to alleged poor treatment from staff and security guards

Various NewJeans fansites announced closure due to “constant obstruction while working”, causing concern among fans.

NewJeans recently appeared at the Apple Store in Gangnam, Seoul for an event. At the location, security guards prevented fansites from taking photos of NewJeans. This has caused a great deal of frustration for fans. A fansite named Attention! with nearly 15,000 followers on Twitter has announced their closure and wrote a post expressing dissatisfaction. This post has garnered a lot of attention.


In their post, Attention! claimed that their activities had been limited for some time, as security guards regularly used flashlights to prevent NewJeans’ fansites from taking pictures. Attention! also revealed that NewJeans’ fansign event was too short, with only 50 fans in 50 minutes.

This is not the first time that NewJeans’ fansites have closed due to frustration with such treatment. Just a month ago, a Hanni’s fansite, Light Blue, also shut down after being mistreated by security guards at the airport.


Attention!’s post announcing their closure:

“Just one or two times? It has been like this since the first event after debut.

Whether it’s an event or at the airport, they always use flash like this. Even at the performance, although we tried to take pictures without blocking the view of the person sitting in the seat behind us, staff would still come and say what crime we committed to meet people like us (fansites).

Even in places where I only came to take pictures from afar, they said things like ‘You can take pictures of anything in public places, but not of the members’.

People passing by take out their phones to take pictures, but they say only those who carry cameras should not take pictures because ‘there are people walking by here’.

There are many things I can’t understand when being a fan.

The first comeback, two direct fansigns, and four music show appearances.

A fansign with 50 people ended in just 4 minutes and 33 seconds, counting from the moment I went up until I had to leave.

I will finish what I have to do.

Although I have given NewJeans/Haerin much love, I don’t know what meaning it has to continue to endure this, I just want to be a fan of an idol while being treated as a human being.”


Attention!’s announcement has sparked discussions among fans and netizens, with some criticizing the staff and security guards for treating fansites poorly. Many believe that NewJeans’ management needs to take the fans’ feelings into consideration and create a better environment for fansites.

Others, however, expressed skepticism about Attention!’s post, suggesting that there may be more to the story than what was disclosed.


Netizens commented:

  • Such a shame, the company is causing their hardcore fans to gradually leave.
  • I hate those kinds of companies, wanting to make money from fans but disrespecting them.
  • A fansign with 5 members and only 4 minutes and 33 seconds…?
  • They don’t ban phones from non-fans, but they ban cameras from fansite masters?
  • A fansign with only one minute per member? Spending millions of won just to come here for this only?
  • Don’t trust the fansite’s words.
  • HYBE always discriminates against fansites, discriminates against Korean fans.
  • 50 people in 50 minutes…? If there are 50 people attending, they should do a fansign for at least an hour and a half, no? This is too much.

Source: twitter

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