Suzy flaunts visuals that “disciplines” the idol world in her 30s 

A stunning pictorial featuring the gorgeous idol-actress Suzy has been revealed, drawing huge attention.

In the pictorial with the concept of “Swing into Summer”, Suzy completed a stylish summer styling with colorful patterned tops and light indigo-colored denim items. She wore wide pants with cut-out details at the waist, a denim set-up with a checkerboard pattern featuring witty illustrations, and a knit top with a mix of cheerful striped patterns.


Suzy, who is now in her 30s, has drawn admiration from viewers with her fresh visuals that are as outstanding as her idol days, when she was still a member of Miss A.

Meanwhile, Suzy will be appearing as the female lead of the Netflix series “Doona!”. Based on the popular webtoon “Lee Doona!”, “Doona!” is a romance drama that unfolds when an ordinary college student, Won Jun, meets Doona, a retired Kpop idol who now lives in a share house. In the series, Suzy assumes the role of Lee Doona, who suddenly retired as the main vocalist and the center of popularity of a popular idol group, and now lives a secluded life in a college share house. Meanwhile, the role of Lee Won Jun will be delivered by actor Yang Se Jong. 

Suzy will also be starring in the movie “Wonderland” alongside actor Park Bo Gum. In the movie, a virtual world called “Wonderland” is created for people to reunite with those they may not meet again through artificial intelligence stimulation. Here, a woman in her 20s requests to meet her comatose lover, while a man in his 40s wants to meet his deceased wife. 

Source: Nate

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