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From Shin Ae Ra to Go Eun Ah, is belly fat the biggest concern even for top female stars? 

Even top celebrities can’t help but worry about belly fat.

In MBN’s “Blindly Tour – Whatever You Want”, which was broadcast on October 6th, Shin Ae Ra honestly revealed that her belly fat came out beyond her imagination as she got older.

Shin Ae Ra and Park Ha Sun visited the Icheon rice restaurant with travel mates Park Jin Hee and Choi Jeong Yoon. Since it is a very popular restaurant, they had to wait in line to enter, but in the meantime, Park Jin Hee got snacks for everyone. 

Blindly-Tour-Whatever-You Want

Park Jin Hee, seeing how Shin Ae Ra ate Gangjeong (glutinous rice flour), said, “I need to reflect. While we ate one (Gangjeong), she split the tip of hers and ate just that much.”

Shin Ae Ra then confessed, “Now that I’m really in my mid-50s, my belly fat comes out beyond my imagination. Even though I work out, exercise alone isn’t enough. So I have no choice but to control my diet.” 

“I really love eating and I can’t let myself be hungry or not allow myself to eat. So, I choose that way”, Shin Ae Ra shared. She added, “I put only a little in my mouth but chewed it like crazy. I chew the food until it becomes like water before swallowing it. That will make my brain feel like eating 100 pieces of popcorn”.

Blindly-Tour-Whatever-You Want

Meanwhile, Woo Hye Rim appeared on KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Godfather” and confessed her concerns about belly fat after giving birth.

While talking about the difficulties she faced when losing weight after her childbirth, Woo Hye Rim said, “I still have 5kg left. I haven’t got rid of all of the fat”.

Woo Hye Rim mentioned belly fat as the most worrisome thing to her. She said, “My belly grew very big when I was pregnant, so I thought I would lose weight right away after giving birth to my child. But then I felt like wearing a tube on my body. Woo Hye Rim drew attention as she commented, “Dieting is the most stressful thing to do and a never-ending homework”.

Blindly-Tour-Whatever-You Want

Earlier on KBS2’s “I’m not going to diet”, Go Eun Ah’s real belly before successfully dieting was revealed. At that time, Go Eun Ah showed her real belly fat and said, “I really have to lose weight”, showing great determination. Later, the actress received keen support from fans when she appeared with a completely different appearance after doing exercises steadily and dieting.

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