Even with an all-star cast, this K-drama is said to be boring with declining ratings

The star-studded K-drama “Our Blues” is seeing lower ratings in the new 2 episodes. 

Now at episode 6, the famous K-drama “Our Blues” is seeing considerable falls in viewership, especially when compared to its record rating of 9.182% in episode 4.  

The series’ viewership ratings are as follows (Nationwide/Seoul):

  • Episode 1: 7.324 / 8.107
  • Episode 2: 8.736 / 10.189
  • Episode 3: 7.897 / 9.022
  • Episode 4: 9.182 / 10.064
  • Episode 5: 7.126 / 7.233
  • Episode 6: 7.722 / 7.870
Our Blues

It is no exaggeration to say that “Our Blues” is the series with the strongest cast of 2022. Before it even aired, people were certain that this K-drama would hit several rating records. Unfortunately, reality tells a different story, and the aforementioned declining numbers are simply not worthy of actors like Lee Byung Hun, Cha Seung Won, Kim Woo Bin, Shin Min Ah, and many more. 

Our Blues cast

According to some viewers, the drop in ratings can be credited to episode 5 and 6’s story, which center around two rookie actors with little name in the industry. Meanwhile, others believe that “Our Blues” just has a bland and outdated plot altogether, and the fact that it’s an omnibus series where multiple stories are told in fragments makes a lot feel uncomfortable. 

Some comments from netizens:

  • Those ratings aren’t bad… until you look at that cast.
  • The two most recent episodes just feel so outdated. That story of underaged students and unexpected pregnancy is as old as the earth. 
  • Personally, the series is pretty bland and the two new episodes really bore me. The first story turns out to be the most interesting one.
  • No but they keep switching between different stories.. Can’t they just finish Han Ji Min’s plotline first?
  • The ratings speak louder than words. Both the student couple and the one with Lee Byung Hun are really dull…

Our Blues” airs every Saturday and Sunday night on tvN. 

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