2022 K-dramas with star-studded cast but disappoint ratings

Despite boasting top actors and actresses as cast members, these 2022 K-dramas fail to be commercial successes.

2022 has introduced K-drama fans to a huge number of great series of all lengths and genres. However, alongside many works that had a brilliant run in the year, many others failed to attract public attention, despite boasting an all-star cast lineup. And below are some notable examples.

Shooting Stars 

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars”, (stylized as “Sh**ting Stars”) which stars Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae, is a K-drama that focuses on the very popular topic of showbiz. In addition, the series also features many remarkable cameos, which ranges from Song Ji Hyo, Choi Ji Woo, Moon Ga Young to many more. Unfortunately, the series only recorded an average viewership of 1.4%, even dropping to 1.1% in episode 12. It also faced criticisms from several controversial details, and despite being an overall enjoyable series, was unable to achieve success worthy of its cast.


Café Minamdang

Seo In Guk and Oh Yeon Seo are both popular actors who have gained great attention and have their own fair share of successful work. In 2022, they collaborated in “Café Minamdang”, which boasts an intriguing plot about a fake shaman, a police officer, and an resolved murder. While ratings of “Cafe Minamdang” are not too low and fall into the 3-5% range, the series itself did not gain much discussion both in and outside of Korea, and completely lost to other competition in the same time slot.

Cafe Minamdang

If You Wish Upon Me

If You Wish Upon Me thumbnail

Starring SNSD member Sooyoung and star actor Ji Chang Wook, “If You Wish Upon Me” promises to deliver a visual feast and meaningful messages. However, while this K-drama started with a rating of 3.6%, this number continuously dropped over time, even getting as low as 1.6% by episode 14. While well-executed, the series itself on a solemn theme and the setting of a hospice hospital, and thus is considered hard to watch to many audiences, leading to such disappointing numbers.

Today’s Webtoon

Todays Webtoon thumbnail

Based on a Japanese manga, the story of “Today’s Webtoon” is said to be unfamiliar to Korean audiences, hence the low ratings. Marking Kim Se Jeong’s first comeback to the small screen after the success of “Business Proposal”, “Today’s Webtoon” gained much anticipation at first but ended up being a disappointment. 

May I Help You

hyeri may i help you

Hyeri unfortunately led another drama that failed to create much buzz. “May I Help You” is a healing drama about helping dead people fulfill their wishes, but due to its slow pace and bland developments, the ratings are very poor.  Lack of promotions also caused “May I Help You” to flop. Many viewers didn’t even know Hyeri made a comeback.

Curtain Call

curtain call thumbnail

Curtain Call” marks the return of a duo of top actors, Ha Ji Won and Kang Ha Neul. The drama also stars veteran actress Go Doo Shim and Kwon Sang Woo, but “Curtain Call” still failed to hit big. Perhaps because it aired in the last months of 2022, when the spotlight was occupied by other viral dramas. Many viewers have expressed regret for the star-studded cast. 

Source: dienanh

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