11 years older yet Liu Shishi looks the same age as Red Velvet Joy at TOD’s fashion show

At the TOD’s fashion show at the 2023 Milan Fashion Week, Chinese actress Liu Shishi and Red Velvet Joy provided a “visual feast”.

The appearances of celebrities at fashion weeks have never failed to become hot topics, as everyone would doll up in the most impressive outfits. Accordingly, a photo of famous Chinese Liu Shishi and Red Velvet Joy, who attended the recent TOD’s fashion show, has garnered huge attention. 

Liu Shishi Joy
From their photo together, it is impossible to tell that Liu Shishi is 11 years older than Joy. Both female stars flaunt extremely youthful yet elegant auras, with their appearances shining spectacularly even through photos taken by Getty Images. 
Liu Shishi Joy
Liu Shishi can be seen in a red leather jacket, whereas Joy donned a matching brown top and skirt. Both stars look chic and natural in their long black hair, showing impressive visuals that need no photo editing. 
Liu Shishi
Liu Shishi
Liu Shishi, who was dressed in a red trench coat, black loafers and red handbag, caught people’s eyes with her beauty that seems to have been forgotten by time. 
Liu Shishi
Liu Shishi next to Chinese star Xiao Zhan, who is 4 years younger 
Red Velvet Joy
REd Velvet Joy
Meanwhile, Joy, who is a brand ambassador of TOD’s, appeared with an elegant brown top, matching leather skirts and heels, and a beige handbag. Her bow accessory made the Red Velvet member look like a noble young lady.

Source: k14

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