Baekhyun (EXO) shared a useful way on how to quit one’s phone as it allowed him to “see things that I was missing” 

Nonetheless, the idol failed to take his own advice because he wanted to see EXO-L’s reactions. 

In a short video interview with W Korea, Baekhyun (EXO) received a question from a fan with the username “bood153” who asked: “How should I quit phone addiction? What I do first when I wake up is use my phone and I keep using my phone during the afternoon and I even use it all night. Is there a good way to quit it?” 


In response, Baekhyun suggested the fans get a case to put the phone in that would only automatically open after 24 hours or after a custom time. The male idol also shared: “When I was in the military, I lived without a phone for 3 weeks. But it made me think about going back to the primitive days. So instead of focusing on the phone world, I get to look around myself and the scenes and I get to see things that I was missing.”


When asked if he spent less time on the phone these days, Baekhyun answered straightforwardly: “Me? I keep looking at it. I came back 3 days ago and I want to see EXO-L’s reaction so I keep looking at my phone.” 

Baekhyun (EXO) was recently discharged from the military in early February. He is preparing for a comeback with EXO as a group. 

Source: FB

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