What’s the relationship between these two?… Jung Woo-sung – Snoop Dogg, secretly exchanging Instagram DM

Actor Jung Woo-sung and American rapper Snoop Dogg’s friendship have been revealed.

On August 9th, Jung Woo-sung posted his DM with Snoop Dogg on his Instagram story.

In the conversation, Snoop Dogg sent Jung Woo-sung a message saying, “I need to see that movie hunt!”

lee jung jae jung woo sung

Jung Woo-sung replied, “Fosho… working on the US release now!”

Netizens who saw this were surprised by their friendship.

snoop dogg

Some said that Snoop Dogg may have expressed interest in the movie “Hunt” starring Lee Jung-jae because he had previously posted his review of Netflix’s original series “Squid Game” on Instagram story.

However, it is not known exactly why he contacted Jung Woo-sung, not Lee Jung-jae.

snoop dogg

Starring Lee Jung-jae, Jung Woo-sung and Jeon Hye-jin, “Hunt” is an action movie in which Park Pyong-ho and Kim Jung-do, who suspect each other and find the spy hidden in their agency, face a huge incident called “Korea’s No.1 assassination operation”. It is Lee Jung-jae‘s directorial debut.

“Hunt” will be released at movie theaters nationwide on August 10th.

Source: wikitree

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