Kang Tae Oh revealed dating history with older girlfriends, also studied at the same school as BTS’s Jin

Kang Tae Oh has many interesting facts that may surprise the fans who are caught by his performance in drama series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young Woo”. 

extraordinary attorney woo
In series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young Woo”, Kang Tae Oh plays the warm and caring intern Lee Jun Ho

Once a band member 

Kang Tae Oh signed with Fantagio as a member of the unique actor group “5urprise” debuted in 2003. The group gathered the actors under the company including Tae Oh, Seo Kang Joon, Lee Tae Hwan, Gong Myung and Yoo Il.

“5urprise” actor group

He was a member of the group until their disbandment in 2020. Apart from acting, other members also took modeling gigs and released 3 singles in their active years. 

An acting career that extends 10 years 

Series drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young Woo” may be the work that boosts his name on a global level, but little does anyone know he has already had 10 years working in the industry. 

forever young
Kang Tae Oh once played in a two-installment series “Forever Young”, co-starring Vietnamese actress Nha Phuong 

He kick-started his acting career with the 2013 web drama “After School: Lucky or Not” and joined the cast for other movies namely “Doom At Your Service”, “Evergreen” and “The Tale Of Nokdu”.  He co-starred with SNSD’s Sooyoung in the jTBC’s television drama “Run On”. He also worked in a Korean-Vietnamese drama production for the 2014 series “Forever Young”.

A star who achieved many awards 

This 28-year-old actor has achieved several acting awards during his career. In 2017, he won the “Rising Star Awards” at the Asian Artist Awards, thanks to his tear-jerking performance in television drama “You Are Too Much”. 

kang tae oh
His role in “The Tale of Nokdu” brought the actor many awards 

In 2019, Kang Tae Oh surpassed many established names to receive the “Best New Actor Award” at “KBS Drama Awards” for his villain role in period drama “The Tale of Nokdu”. He was also nominated “Best Couple Award” along with his co-star Jang Dong Yoon for the same series. 

kang tae oh

The actor was also nominated “Impressive Actor” at the VTV Awards, continuing his award nomination streak. He became the first ever Korean actor to receive the “Best Male Lead Actor” Award for his leading role in two installments of “Forever Young”. For this achievement, he is fondly called by Korean fans as the “Prince of Vietnam ”.

Studied at the same school as BTS’s Jin

Kang Tae Oh studied film at Konkuk University. This is the university that has produced some of the most well-loved idols and talented actors in Korea, including BTS’s Jin, TWICE’s Nayeon, Lee Min Ho, Song Kang, Yoo Ah In, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, SHINee’s Minho and many more. 

A complete opposite to his character, Lee Jun Ho

Kang Tae Oh plays his part as Lee Jun Ho in the series so immensely that the audience almost believe that is who he is in real life. However, in his magazine interview with “Singles”, Kang Tae Oh expresses the contrary.

Kang Tae-oh

He shares that his character is an energetic person whereas the actor himself is more introverted and likes to eat and sleep rather than go outside. However, when he reads the script and acts as Lee Jun Ho, he feels excited because he can “heal” the people around him. 

Dated older girls 

Kang Tae-oh

Kang Tae Oh once revealed almost all his ex-girlfriends were older than him, except for one girl. On sharing about his ideal type, the Korean actor expresses he likes women with short hair. 

Learning Bruce Lee’s martial arts (Jeet Kune Do) 

kang tae oh

Kang Tae Oh is known as the athletic and energetic type. He likes energy-consuming activities that require the use of different body parts. Hence, the actor learns Bruce Lee’s martial arts called Jeet Kune Do to activate body coordination skills. In “World Change Quiz Show”, the 1994-born actor showed off his impressive martial arts skills. 

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