“For the first time ever…” Record maker BTS Jimin takes first place here too

BTS Jimin was selected as the energetic star whom people want to go on a trip with in Family Month.

On May 14th, DC Inside announced that Jimin topped the survey “In Family Month with a lot of holidays, which energetic star would you like to go on a trip with?” (conducted from May 7th to 13th).


Jimin received 11,168 votes (73.52%) out of a total of 15,191 votes. TXT Yeonjun took second place with 2,123 votes (13.98%) and HOTSHOT Ha Sung Woon took third place with 1,375 votes (9.05%).

They were followed by BTS Jungkook (1.60%), EXO Baekhyun (0.51%), Tempest Hyeongseop (0.40%), ENHYPEN Heeseung (0.39%), Stray Kids Hyunjin (0.14%), CRAVITY Jungmo (0.11%) and IVE An Yujin (0.08%).

Jimin was also named the “No.1 star whom people want to give roses to” last month.


Seven Edu surveyed 1,515 people from April 15th to May 10th. As a result, BTS Jimin (727 people, 48.0%) ranked first in the survey “Which star would you like to give roses to on Rose Day (May 14th)?”.

Jimin, who boasts an overwhelming fandom not only in Korea but also abroad, is continuing his popularity by charting in 8 categories of the US Billboard chart for 6 consecutive weeks.


He participated in the original soundtrack (OST) of the movie “Fast & Furious 10”, once again shaking the world. This is the first time a Korean singer has participated in the OST of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Jimin participated as a vocalist in “Angel Part 1” alongside Kodak Black, NLE Choppa and more. The full version of “Angel Part 1” is scheduled to be released on May 18th.

Source: Wikitree

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