Seducing a taken man within 10 minutes? Why Lee Hyori apologized after 20 years

The tremendous popularity of Lee Hyori in the past was mentioned by Uhm Jung Hwa on “Dancing Queens on the Road”. 

On May 25th, the first episode of tvN variety show “Dancing Queens on the Road” (also known as “The Dancing Wanderers”) aired. The cast members of the “Dancing Queens on the Road” consists of Kim Wan Sun, Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Hyori, BoA, and Hwasa.


On that day, the members gathered at a rest area in West Busan and prepared for the Jinhae Naval Port Festival.

During this time, Lee Hyori reminisced about the past and brought laughter to the group by saying, “In the old days, I used to meet my boyfriend the day before a performance”.

Hearing this, Uhm Jung Hwa exclaimed, “How could you meet your boyfriend the day before a performance?”


To this, Lee Hyori said, “I can’t sing the song ’10 Minutes’ anymore”, adding, “It’s about seducing a man within 10 minutes. It’s so wrong. It’s a song that confidently expresses oneself, but I wonder if it’s okay to sing it. It’s about tempting men who have girlfriends.” 

She also said, “Why did I do that? After listening to the song, I feel sorry and apologetic.”

In response to their conversation, Kim Wan Sun intervened and said, ”Today, let’s just consider all of us as single.” Uhm Jung Hwa then mentioned, “In the past, all the men went crazy because they couldn’t meet Lee Hyori. They even had fights with each other.”


However, Lee Hyori caused everyone to burst into laughter by saying, “So what if it was like that back then? In the end, the winner was Sang Soon (Lee Hyori’s husband). He didn’t participate in any fight, only quietly stayed by my side, and won me over”.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori, who was a former member of girl group Fin.K.L and famous solo artist, married fellow singer Lee Sang Soon in 2013.

Source: wikitree

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