Is TWICE being treated unfairly by JYP Entertainment? 

Wanting to buy albums but can’t, TWICE fans are expressing their displeasure towards JYP by proving that the company is mistreating TWICE.

One of the most popular Kpop girl groups, TWICE has a large fandom and records remarkable physical album sales. But even though the fans’ demand for albums is always high, ONCEs can’t help the girls boost their sales because most of their albums have been sold out on most major stores without getting restocked. For this reason, TWICE’s fans have expressed their disappointment with JYP Entertainment, TWICE’s agency. 

TWICE being treated unfairly by JYP Entertainment
ONCEs are unhappy because they can’t buy TWICE’s albums 

ONCE’s indignation has become more intense since JYP Entertainment announced the plan to strengthen strategic cooperation with the US record label Republic Records to promote Stray Kids and ITZY in the international market.  Many TWICE fans think that the US label is taking credit for TWICE’s growth in the Western market, claiming that the initial partnership in 2020 “helped develop TWICE’s impact in America”.

TWICE being treated unfairly by JYP Entertainment

Moreover, ONCEs pointed out that JYP used TWICE as an “experiment” to test if working with Republic Records could benefit the company. Fans said that their frustration does not come from jealousy of TWICE’s labelmates, but it’s due to the fact that JYP has been “taking advantage of” TWICE to pave the way for junior groups. Furthermore, when compared to other JYP groups, only TWICE’s albums are not further produced for sale.

TWICE being treated unfairly by JYP Entertainment
Fans said that JYPE used TWICE as an “experiment” to pave the way for other groups in the US market.

Finally, fans raised the question: With the ambition to expand promotions into the global market, has JYP been giving TWICE the treatment they deserve after what the group has achieved and brought to the company? Currently, fans are sending a lot of complaints and criticisms to JYP under posts on their official Twitter account. 

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