BIGBANG’s “Still Life”: There are not any scenes of all 4 members together, a detail that makes viewers feel heartbroken!

Nearly 4 years since the last comeback, BIGBANG has officially returned, making fans burst with happiness.

BIGBANG eventually released a comeback MV titled “Still Life” at exactly 0:00 on April 5 (KST). This is BIGBANG‘s first official MV after 4 years since the song “Flower Road” and nearly 6 since the MV “Fxkk It” and “Last Dance” were released at the end of 2016. BIGBANG returned in the spring, keeping their promise to fans that “Let’s meet again when the flowers bloom.” 

The lyrics use the metaphor of seasons to describe the group’s path, the struggles of understanding what it truly means to be an adult, and all the challenges they’ve faced in the past few years. Each member’s scene reflects a different season of the year, such as spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Still Life also portrays the rule of “flowers blooming and then withering,” which is a metaphor for the passage of time, closing the past and moving forward.

Fans also paid special attention to the scene where 4 chairs were placed side by side.  In this comeback, BIGBANG is missing one member, Seungri, after he left the group.  This makes BIGBANG‘s longtime fans heartbroken.  Another thing that makes many people sad is that the 4 members do not have any scenes together in this MV.

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