Wu Yifan’s older cousin Wu Lin is said to receive a 25-year sentence in prison, a much heavier one than that of the Chinese singer 

Kris Wu’s cousin taking a sentence of 20-plus-year is the talk of the town on Chinese social media. 

After the Court of First Instance in last November, Wu Yifan was sentenced to 11 years and 6 months in prison for rape and 1 year 10 months for extramarital sexual intercourse. After doing his time, Wu Yifan will be deported from China. 

Recently, however, 163 and Sina reported that Wu Lin, Wu Yifan’s older cousin is also going to prison with a 25-year sentence from a series of even more serious crimes than those of Wu Yifan. However, the information has not been verified. 

kris wu brother
Rumors surfaced that Wu Yifan’s cousin is also doing his sentence… 
Kris Wu
…with more charges than the singer 

Specifically, Wu Lin is not only Wu Yifan’s cousin but also his representative. When the scandals erupted, the cousin had to terminate contracts, liquidate and withdraw from several companies in which he and his cousin held shares. The majority thought he did so to avoid being investigated for tax evasion. 

kris wu brother
Wu Lin is Wu Yifan’s right-hand man in both life and work, he is considered a key figure in allowing Wu Yifan’s illegal activities to happen 

Stacey Wu, Wu Yifan’s mother is also rumored to have ended up behind bars. She is charged with money laundering and illegal overseas asset transfer. 

kris wu mother
Stacey Wu is also said to have landed herself in jail 

Source: 163, Sina

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