An idol-turned actress to appear on “Omniscient Interfering View” as the manager of a rookie girl group

Actress Cho Yi-hyun, a former member of girl group DIA, has become an idol group’s manager.

A day of Cho Yi-hyun, who has become a manager of rookie girl group CLASS:y, will be shown in the 199th episode of MBC’s entertainment program “Omniscient Interfering View”, which will air on May 14th.

Cho Yi-hyun appeared at the recent recording of “Omniscient Interfering View” as the CEO and manager of CLASS:y’s agency. 


On that day, Cho Yi-hyun was seen perfectly performing her work related to CLASS:y’s debut. As a former idol, she drew attention with her extraordinary perspective and energy.

Cho Yi-hyun said, “I’m doing everything I can”, adding, “I didn’t succeed when I was active as an idol, so I hope CLASS:y would do well”.


Cho Yi-hyun was also seen packing diet lunchboxes for CLASS:y members, who have to control their weight, drawing admiration for her sincerity.

In addition, the scene of CLASS:y practicing to prepare for their debut was also revealed. CLASS:y members were surprised when Cho Yi-hyun suddenly came into the practice room with lunch boxes but immediately sweated at the sudden weight check.


The appearance of Cho Yi-hyun, a former idol who became an idol group’s manager, can be seen on the new episode of “Omniscient Interfering View” to be aired at 11:10 p.m on May 14th.

Cho Yi-hyun joined DIA as the 7th member but left the group in 2016 and turned to acting. She later established M25 Entertainment and is currently managing CLASS:y.

Source: wikitree.co.kr

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