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“Running Man,” the biggest scale ever in 12 years, a “Lucky Race” with 100 staff members

“Running Man” will hold a race with 100 staff.

The upcoming episode of SBS entertainment program “Running Man,” which will air on May 15th, will arrange a race to select the luckiest person on the set along with the largest-ever staff team.


Not only the members but also 100 staff members at the scene participated to add fun to the latest race of “Running Man.” In every round, the staff chose a member who they think would be the luckiest and the staff would be eliminated as well if that member was eliminated. As the filming progressed, the scene was reportedly burned with the enthusiasm of the staff cheering for the members who they supported.


In the pre-mission, where their first fate would be decided, extraordinary situations occurred, causing the members to panic. Some members even cried at the shocking situation in front of their eyes. They complained of the aftereffects, saying, “My heart was beating too fast.”


However, Kim Jong-kook, the “instinct master” who received the most support from the staff, was different. Rumor has it that he saw through the production team’s intentions from the beginning and showed the spirit of “Running Man” both in name and reality. He was like an ace.


The results of the members’ “Lucky Race” with 100 staff will be released on “Running Man,” which will air at 5 p.m. on May 15th.


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