No unfriendly expressions… Kim Jung Hyun and Im Soo Hyang linked arms and made finger hearts together

Actor Kim Jung Hyun humbly apologized for his past mistakes and expressed gratitude to viewers in first public appearance after scandal. 

On the afternoon of January 27th, Kim Jung Hyun attended the press conference of MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Kokdu: Season of Deity”, which was held at MBC Golden Mouse Hall in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. This event signaled Kim Jung Hyun’s return 2 years after “Mr. Queen”, and was the actor’s first press appearance since his private life controversy. 

Im Soo Hyang Kim Jung Hyun

In particular, Kim Jung Hyun ceased his activities in April 2021 following a series of controversies. At the time, it belatedly became known that Kim Jung Hyun had a past relationship with actress Seo Ye Ji, and his problematic behavior at the press conference for the 2018 drama “Time” was partly due to this. To elaborate, text messages between the two revealed that Seo Ye Ji asked Kim Jung Hyun not to have any skinship or conversation with other women, including actresses and staff members.

As a result, at the press conference for the 2018 MBC drama “Time”, Kim Jung Hyun shook off his co-star, Seohyun, when the idol-actress tried to link arms with him. His action greatly embarrassed Seohyun and caused a controversy over the actor’s attitude. Later on, Kim Jung Hyun dropped out of “Time” due to health reasons, though the timing of text messages with Seo Ye Ji suggested additional reasons. In the end, Kim Jung Hyun, who was condemned by the public for not distinguishing between public and private affairs, had no choice but to take time for self-reflection.

Kim Jung-hyun

Now, standing in the same venue with “Time”s press conference 5 years prior, Kim Jung Hyun looked different from before. The actor appeared on stage with a loud greeting of “Please take good care of me!”, before bowing 90 degrees and saying, “Greetings for the first time after a long while. I will work hard with a new heart. Please take good care of me.”

Additionally, in the following photo session with his co-star, Im Soo Hyang, Kim Jung Hyun showed an active attitude. The couple crossed their arms together and took various poses such as clapping hands, making a heart with their hands, and standing affectionately back to back. It was also noticeable that the actor kept a smile on his face at all times.

Im Soo Hyang Kim Jung Hyun

As it was the first time Kim Jung Hyun appeared in front of reporters post-scandal, he was visibly nervous and shaking. His speaking voice was audibly trembling while talking into the mic. Nevertheless, Jung Hyun was upfront about past controversies and tried to express his sincerity by mentioning them before being questioned about it. 

Regarding the past two years, he said, “I am grateful to MBC officials for reaching out to me first during the long and short period of self-reflection. There were a lot of things that happened personally during that time, but I looked back on myself and became stronger.” 

“I think it’s better to show good performance than to say 10 or 100 words. I hope you will like [the drama] as I have worked hard on it. If there’s anything that’s not fulfilled, please tell me honestly. I will continue making efforts to fill the gaps,” he made a vow to improve himself as an actor.

Kim Jung-hyun

This time, Kim Jung Hyun did not forget to mention the staff and fellow castmates. He said, “I was worried that this work would be a nuisance to my colleagues from the beginning until now. I am worried and cautious that the efforts and passion of the team members who have worked together will go unacknowledged. I am preparing harder with gratitude, so please take a good look at it.

What is left for the public is to see what Kim Jung Hyun will do to make up for his past controversies with acting performances, rather than plain words, as he said. 

“Kokdu: Season of Deity” is a fantasy romantic drama where Kokdu, a Grim Reaper, after every 99 years of bringing the dead to the other side to make up for his mistakes, is brought back to the human realm. Appearing in the human form who looks exactly the same as him, Kokdu comes across a visiting physician whose life will change after meeting him. The drama will premiere at 10 p.m. on the 27th.

Source: Daum

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