ChoA amazes fans with her superior physique and shocking exposure in the recent body profile photoshoot

ChoA showed off her impressive body figure.

On January 27th, ChoA uploaded on her Youtube channel a video titled “ChoA’s body profile. Abs is just a girdle… I’m losing 5% of body fat in 100 days and escaping from skinny obesity. Beware of eating show”.


The released video shows ChoA having an InBody test ahead of a body profile shooting. ChoA, who used to weigh 48.5kg and had 12.1kg (25%) of body fat, is now 44.4kg with 8.8kg (19.9%) of body fat after making great efforts to lose weight within 100 days.

Later, ChoA worked out her abs and prepared for the body profile shoot.


The first concept was refreshing and lively. ChoA drew admiration with her clear six-pack abs. While making a pose to emphasize her hip lines, she said, “Aren’t my butts too small?”.

The second concept is natural. ChoA flaunted her glamorous body figure without making any special pose.


For the third concept, which is sexy and chic, ChoA boasted her seductive charm to the fullest. She carried out the shoot amid the loud cheers from staff.

After the body profile shooting, ChoA immediately ate Gamjatang (pork back-bone stew). She exclaimed, “I think I ate the best Gamjatang today”.

Source: Nate

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