Jennie dances with Leejung and gets frustrated, “It’s weird when I do it”

BLACKPINK member Jennie showed a professional appearance in the behind the scenes of her “You & Me” stage. 

On January 26th, a video titled “Behind the Scenes of You & Me stage” was uploaded on Jennie‘s YouTube channel “Jennierubyjane Official”.

In the video, Jennie can be seen practicing the choreography for her solo song “You & Me”, which would later be performed on the stage of BLACKPINK’s world tour.

In particular, while working with choreographers Eunchong and Leejung, Jennie actively contributed her own ideas, saying things such as “I do think something like this will stay on people’s mind, but if you want something with a little bit more impact, you can do something 

Blackpink Jennie

that’s lovey dovey like this, and then walk out together…”, “I want this ‘moonlight’ part to look as if I’m dancing under the moonlight”, and “How about leaving the 1st verse as it is and put this movement in after”.

Afterwards, Jennie shared various behind-the-scenes stories related to her solo song “You & Me”. In particular, the female idol said, “It’s a song called ‘You & Me’. I did the recording about 3 to 4 years ago. I think it was on the list of nominees for my solo…or maybe it was after that. It was in the closet for a while, but while I was preparing for this concert. I thought about what kind of performances and songs I wanted to do, and looked through songs with Teddy. We decided to bring out that song we liked and that’s when we started to prepare for it.”

Then, Jennie expressed her gratitude to the two choreographers, saying, “I had all these ideas in my head about how I wanted to perform it, so Eunchong and Jung (Leejung) are helping me make it a reality.”

Blackpink Jennie

As she practiced the choreography with Eunchong and Leejung, Jennie winced at a part in which her arms were crossed and her head dropped. “I don’t know what to do with this part! It’s weird when I do it”, she said, frustrated.

At this, Eunchong suggested a solution and told Jennie, “It happens when you tilt your head backwards like this. Don’t do it together.” Meanwhile, Jennie cutely blamed herself, “I was so shocked because I did it like that. I was like, ‘Is this right?’ to myself.”

After the first practice session, Jennie turned on the camera with Eunchong and Leejung. “Yay, just like this, the first day of our practice ended”, the BLACKPINK member said, adding, “We really put in so much effort into this, we sprinkled every single movement with magic. I hope it turns out well. Actually, I think it already has. I’m really satisfied. I think we’re a really good trio. We’ve been working together since SOLO, I think we’re a good trio.”

Finally, Jennie can be seen meticulously checking the choreography and movements during the concert rehearsal and successfully presenting the performance of “You & Me” before bidding goodbye. 

Source: Naver

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