Disney+ original series “Connect” ranks No.1 in Korea and captivates viewers around the world

Disney+’s new series “Connect”, which was produced by Studio Dragon, is receiving enthusiastic reactions from viewers.

Released on Disney+ on December 7th, “Connect” is arousing keen interest not only in Korea but also overseas. Immediately after its release, the series ranked No.1 on the chart of most-watched contents in South Korea. In addition, it is also gaining attention in many foreign countries, such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan.

Jung Hae In Connect

Viewers believe that the hot popularity of “Connect” resulted from its solid story.

“Connect” tells about a new kind of human being whose body is immortal. The story begins when ‘Connect’ Dong Soo, who was kidnapped by an organ trafficking organization and lost one eye, finds out that his eye was transplanted into a serial killer who causes a stir in Korea. 

Jung Hae In Connect

The drama was directed by Takashi Miike, a master of Japanese genre works. Before its official release, “Connect” was invited to the “Onscreen Section” at the Busan International Film Festival.

At that time, audiences poured out positive reviews, and some even evaluated, “The directing skills of director Takashi Miike have improved”.


Producer Song Jin Sun of Studio Dragon, who planned and produced “Connect” for a long time, said, “Considering that the original work itself is already a fresh story, I believed we should not produce it in the normal way”, adding “I found a director who could try any attempts to complete the work, and that was Miike”.

Jung Hae In Connect

The producer continued, “I wanted to find a catharsis that is like a ‘breakaway from the average’ through this work, and director Miike pointed out exactly that part for me”, adding “We really appreciate the compliments and explosive reactions that we are receiving, and we hope more people will enjoy the work”. 

“Connect” is also getting favorable reviews on IMDb, a site where global viewers leave comments about movies and dramas.


Internet users around the world poured out praises, such as “The director’s directing, the actors’ acting performances, the overwhelming music throughout the drama, and the visual effects are all perfect”, “I want to compliment director Miike for the way he quickly changes the atmosphere from the peak of horror to the calmness of everyday life”, “‘Connect’ impresses me in a different way compared to other K-dramas I’ve watched”, “If you follow the story, you will end up hoping for Season 2”, etc.

Meanwhile, all episodes of “Connect” have been released on Disney+.

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