This male idol was street-cast by SM’s manager when he was eating tteokbokki but ran away because he was scared 

EXO Sehun revealed that he ran away for 30 minutes to avoid the manager asking for his parents’ contacts.

Sehun, a member of EXO, has boasted an outstanding visual with distinctive facial features ever since he was a kid.

SM’s casting manager approached the elementary kid Sehun, who was eating tteokbokki at a store on the street, and handed him a business card.

This is definitely a street-casting that everyone has imagined. However, at this moment, Sehun said he suddenly remembered his mother’s advice, “If someone you don’t know talks to you, you have to run away at all cost”.

Therefore, Sehun suddenly started running away. Normally, people would give up in such an unexpected situation, but this casting manager was so unusual.

A chase between an adult woman and an elementary school boy happened in front of Nowon Station during the daytime. In the end, Sehun got tired of seeing the manager chasing him for about 30 minutes so he handed over his mother’s contact information and said, “Is this enough?”, then returned home. 

When Sehun returned home, his mother and the manager were already talking on the phone. Sehun eventually signed an exclusive contract with SM Entertainment two years later.

Meanwhile, Sehun recently made his drama debut by appearing in “Now, We Are Breaking Up” as a “golden spoon” new employee.

EXO Sehun

In the recently released movie “The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure”, he took on the role of an ace archer and captivated the hearts of all female fans.

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