BTS wins over themselves on ‘Music Bank’ stage with ‘Yet To Come’

When BTS won with ‘Yet To Come’ on the stage of ‘Music Bank’, many viewers joked, “BTS will be the winner anyway!”

On June 17, BTS won the first place on the stage of the weekend music show “Music Bank” with their latest song ‘Yet To Come’. However, the special thing here is that the two candidates competing for the No.1 position of Music Bank in the third week of June are BTS‘s songs, “Butter” and “Yet To Come”.

Many netizens can’t help but be surprised that this is the first time in Music Bank’s history that two songs belonging to the same group compete each other for the No.1 position. With the hit “Butter” released in May 202 and the new song “Yet To Come” released on June 10 of this year, both the first and second place of this week’s Music Bank have belonged to BTS.

bts music bank

BTS members also expressed intense emotions during their performances of “Yet To Come” and “For Youth”, especially in front of ARMYs. Jin and Jimin, in particular, even got flushed, stroking the tip of their noses.

In the latest behind the scenes video of their preparation for the stages, BTS members communicated with fans by showing humorous “ending fairy” expressions. In front of thousands of ARMYs, BTS said moving words such as: “It has been so long since I saw you this close”, “This is amazing”, “I’m nervous”, “My ears are turning red because I haven’t seen you guys so close in such a long time.”

bts music bank

Jin also joked with fans, saying: “What ARMYs are talking about is coming through my in-ears, ‘Seokjin is handsome’. Meanwhile, RM shared that he was extremely nervous to sing in front of his beloved fans.

I really wanted to perform in front of ARMY. I really miss you guys and I love you”, V stated.  Jimin then followed, saying that he was so happy, he’d remember the moment even after getting home. Jungkook also expressed his feelings, sharing: “I’ve finished recording, but this nervousness doesn’t stop.”

This episode of Music Bank features BTS, BDC, bugAboo, BVNDIT, DRIPPIN, ICHILLIN’, LIGHTSUM, NCT DREAM, OMEGA X, PIXY, SECRET NUMBER, TNX, TRENDZ, woo!ah!, DAWN, WONHO, and Jo Yu Ri.

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