Darren Wang, who denied Kang Han Na, admitted to dating “divorced actress” Joey Chua

Taiwanese star Darren Wang admitted to dating after several dating rumors.

On Dec 9th, Darren Wang officially announced his romantic relationship by posting a couple photo with his girlfriend, actress Joey Chua, on his SNS Weibo. At the same time, Joey Chua also announced that she and Darren Wang are dating by uploading the same post as the one posted by Darren Wang on SNS.

Darren Wang

The post uploaded by Darren Wang and Joey Chua while announcing their romantic relationship is a poster for a new entertainment program, showing Darren Wang and Joey Chua sitting back to back and creating a lovely atmosphere. The title is “Letting Love”.

Dating rumors between Darren Wang and Joey Chua appeared in May last year. The two, who developed into lovers after appearing together on the Chinese dating reality show “A Journey For Love”, were captured by local paparazzi cameras while sharing a deep kiss on the streets of Shanghai, China.

letting love

At the time of the first dating rumor, it was revealed that Joey Chua is a Malaysian-Chinese and had a history of divorce, drawing much attention. Since then, the two have been spotted dating several times, but this is the first time they have admitted to dating.

Meanwhile, Darren Wang, who quickly became a top star in China and gained a lot of popularity in Korea through the movie “Our Times”, was embroiled in dating rumors with actress Kang Han Na, who starred in a Chinese drama together with him. However, all of these rumors were denied.

Source: Nate

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