“Under the Queen’s Umbrella” actress Oh Ye Joo, ““Thanks to my agency’s CEO Rain, I felt encouraged. He told me to be confident”

Actress Oh Ye Joo confessed that she received great encouragement from her company’s CEO Rain.

Oh Ye Joo, who appeared in tvN’s Sat-Sun drama “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” as Yoon Cheong Ha, had an interview with SPOTV News on December 9th.

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Oh Ye Joo is an actress under R.A.I.N Company represented by singer-actor Rain. Earlier in 2020, Rain posted on his SNS, “I will deliver small news to you tomorrow at 12 a.m”, and netizens speculated that it would be “Kim Tae Hee’s third pregnant”. However, it turned out that the small news he mentioned was the recruitment of Oh Ye Joo. 

In this regard, Oh Ye Joo said, “I still remember that time. I did see the reactions on the Internet. I think the CEO wanted to introduce me in his own way”, adding “Reactions were explosive, and I heard someone even contracted the CEO and said ‘Congratulations on your wife’s third pregnancy’. I found it amazing that I, an unknown person back then, received so much attention.”

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Regarding the fact that she’s the first actress in R.A.I.N Company, Oh Ye Joo said, “I felt burdened being the first actress in the company. I wondered if I would do well there. I joined the company with no acting experience and had to learn everything step by step from the beginning. Thanks to the CEO, I was able to adapt well and people in the company took great care of me like family members. I’m still learning, and I think I should work harder.”

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Rain also made a special appearance in “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” to support Oh Ye Joo. The actress shared, “My CEO always supports me. He gave me lots of good advice before I participated in the drama. I was shy because I didn’t have much experience, but he told me to be confident. His words really cheered me up. He contacted me quite often when I was on the set and encouraged me.”

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Oh Ye Joo also mentioned when she acted with her CEO Rain on the filming set, saying “We laughed a lot during the filming. We also practiced the scene together at our company”. She continued, “I remembered when he did an ad-lib that was not on the script and made everyone laugh so hard.”

Source: Daum

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