Educational background of the 4 “Big Bosses” in the Korean entertainment industry 

These “Big Bosses”  are able to build strong empires, despite their differing educational background. 

Educational levels of the top entertainment companies’ CEOs draw attention. (Image: Pinterest) 

Park Jin Young – JYP Entertainment

The head of JYP Entertainment, Chairman Park Jin Young owns various impressive achievements that inspire a group of youth that wants to follow his path. Despite where he is now, Park Jin Young has to push through many obstacles down the road. 

park jin young
Park Jin Young is considered a genius in Korea. (Image: Wikipedia)

Park Jin Young has a genius mind with an IQ of 153. Specifically, the JYP Chairman always prioritizes English education and foreign language learning. Notably, he achieved an impressive TOEIC score of 940/990. The 1971-born JYP founder was even allowed to skip a grade thanks to his excellent study record. He graduated from Yonsei University, one of the most prestigious universities in Korea. Moreover, Park Jin Young still works in the music industry as a solo artist and multi talented music composer.  

park jin young
Not only a genius mind, JYP is also a talented and outstanding artist. (Image: Facebook J.Y.Park)
Female idol groups are under painstaking training. (Image: JYP Entertainment)

Lee Soo Man – SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment chairman Lee Soo Man is also an awe-inspiring name upon mention. Lee Soo Man was born in 1952 in Seoul. He was the pioneer in bringing the Hallyu wave to other Asian countries and the world. 

Lee Soo Man
Lee Soo Man was the pioneer in bringing the Hallyu wave to the world. (Image: SM Entertainment)

As expected, Lee Soo Man was excellent at his study, recording high scores in his learning paths. The SM chairman was admitted to Seoul National University. He also studied abroad in California and earned his Masters’ degree in computer engineering. With his in-depth knowledge, Lee Soo Man creates an ever-expanding and modernized SM empire.

lee soo man
Chairman Lee built the strong SM Entertainment. (Image: Allkpop)
SM forms many talented idol groups. (Image: SM Entertainment)

Bang Si Hyuk – HYBE Labels

The man behind BTS’s success is none other than Chairman Bang Si Hyuk, who is making his presence in diverse fields. His journey to bring Big Hit from a small company to a conglomerate is filled with hardship. However, it is a rewarding and shining achievement in Bang Si Hyuk’s career. 

bang si hyuk

Chairman Bang Si Hyuk is behind the success of HYBE Labels experiences. (Image: Pinterest) 

Bang Si Hyuk was born in 1972, carrying musical pursuits when he was little. However, he did not receive the support from his parents for the career he had in mind. Afterwards, Bang Si Hyuk studied at Seoul National University, graduating with a cosmetics degree. At that time, he also won the bronze medal in the Yoo Jae-ha music contest. Until now, the talented CEO of HYBE Labels still maintains his role as a producer and composer. 

bang si hyuk
He graduated with a cosmetics degree from Seoul University. (Image: news1) 
BTS concept photos Door version
The talents that Bang Si Hyuk helped develop. (Image: HYBE Labels) 

Yang Hyun Suk – YG Entertainment

Unlike the other big companies’ chairmans, YG Yang Hyun Suk only graduated from a technical school Kwang Myung. Nonetheless, he was still able to build his own company with blood and sweat. Yang Hyun Suk proves certification does not speak for a person’s talent and ability. 

Yg, Yang hyun suk
YG fans know these false promises too well.Despite only finishing highschool, Yang Hyun Suk was able to build his own empire. (Image: Naver) 

Despite his scandals, he is among the people that helped create legendary idol groups such as BIGBANG, 2NE1 and BLACKPINK, whom he directly selected and pushed for promotion. YG Entertainment, hence, is still a powerful company in the Korean entertainment industry. 

yang hyun suk
YG’s former CEO contributed a large part to the idols’ successes. (Image: Pinterest) 
He trained these talents in K-pop. (Image: Pinterest)

Despite the different levels of education and background, at this moment, each individual has accomplished impressive achievements. Not only because of their continued passion, it is their endurance that brings them to this height. 

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