2PM Lee Jun Ho talked about his diet: “My hands are shaking because I’m so hungry.”

“The Red Sleeve” star and 2PM member Lee Jun Ho discussed his daily life under severe management. 

On August 4th, Lee Jun Ho, a member of 2PM and leading actor in the hit K-drama “The Red Sleeve”, released a vlog on his YouTube channel. In the video, Lee Jun Ho, who was driving, expressed his regrets for not being able to visit the bakery he found by chance. 

lee jun ho

The idol-actor confessed: “I’m still on a strict diet, so I don’t look at bakeries without reason. I kept thinking “Should I eat or not?” and “Can I eat or not?”, so I turned a blind eye.”

Jun Ho then finally arrived at this destination and started to eat a late meal, starting with a bottle of Coke Zero. Then, when he picked up a spoon of rice, his hands trembled because of hunger. 

lee jun ho

“My hands are shaking. My hands are shaking because I’m so hungry”, he said to the camera. 

In an episode of MBC talk show “Radio Star”, which was broadcasted last year, Lee Jun Ho also discussed his diet, saying: “Since I just returned after a long time, I lost a lot of weight by controlling my diet to look good and polite to the viewers. As soon as I return, I want to work hard, so I am losing 16kg and maintaining my body”. 

At the time, Lee Jun Ho was recently discharged from the military and immediately came back with 2PM. His determination earned him the title “the ultimate king of self-management” 

Source: Wikitree

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