An actress defeated both (G)-IDLE’s Soyeon and Kim Hye Soo to become the most buzz-worthy on TV

Good Data’s rankings for non-drama popularity during the second week of May were recently announced, and an unexpected actress took the crown. 

On May 18th, Good Data Corporation released their rankings for the most buzz-worthy non-drama performers and non-drama TV topics. 

Son Dam-bi
Singer-actress Son Dam Bi, who recently topped the chart. 

The chart was compiled on a weekly basis using data on netizens’ search of TV programs, performances, and other related topics on portal sites, 

data ranking
Top 10 most buzz-worthy non-drama performers, according to Good Data
data ranking
Top 10 most buzz-worthy TV topics, according to Good Data. 

From this chart, it is apparent that the singer-actress Son Dam Bi landed first place in the non-drama performers list, thanks to her appearance in the SBS show “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2”. The 2nd place belongs to the speed skating instructor Lee Kyu Hyuk from the same show, followed by (G)-IDLE’s Soyeon with her appearance in MBC’s “I Live Alone”, while actress Kim Hye Soo landed the 4th place with her appearance in “Somehow President 2”. Finally, there’s the rookie girl group LE SSERAFIM, who earned 5th place due to their appearance at “Weekly Idol”. 

Son Dam-bi

Son Dam Bi and Lee Kyu Hyuk, who got married on May 13th, recently featured on “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2”. The former was born in 1983, now 40 years old, and the couple were 5 years apart. 

Meanwhile, the Top 10 most buzz-worthy TV topics named Mnet’s “Queendom 2”, JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”, tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on The Block”, SBS Plus’s “I am Solo”, and MBC’s “I Live Alone”  as its top 5. 

Source: wikitree

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