BLACKPINK Jisoo surpasses 60 million followers after 47 months of opening Instagram… No.1 Korean actress by far

Girl group BLACKPINK’s member – actress Jisoo surpassed 60 million Instagram followers.

As of May 8th, Jisoo surpassed 60 million Instagram followers, proving her global popularity and status as an influencer. Jisoo opened her Instagram account in 2018. This is the achievement achieved in about 3 years and 11 months since Jisoo opened Instagram in June 2018.


Jisoo, who is active in various fields such as modeling and acting, is receiving a lot of love for her posts on Instagram, from luxury pictorials to fashion, beauty and daily life. Currently, Jisoo has the most Instagram followers among Korean actresses.


Meanwhile, at a recent online fan meeting earlier this year, Jisoo mentioned the possibility of her solo debut. Fans are looking forward to the solo debut of BLACKPINK’s lead vocalist. Jisoo starred in JTBC’s drama “Snowdrop“, which ended in January.


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