KARD Jeon So-min, who was once suspected of false advertising, amazed netizens with her sexy appearance in new photos

Jeon So-min, a member of the mixed-gender group KARD, caught the attention of netizens with her newly released photos.

On March 3rd, Jeon So-min posted two photos on her personal Instagram account.

In the released pictures, Jeon So-min was making some alluring poses and expressions while wearing a sleeveless bra top that revealed her chest lines clearly. It seems that she was even trying to show off her sexiness by wetting her hair.

KARD So-min

In particular, she boldly exposed her shoulder lines and brown skin. Her statue-like facial features and skin caught the attention of netizens. By dominating the top spot of the real-time search rankings on several famous portal sites, Jeon So-min is receiving huge attention.

It turned out that it was because the photos posted by Jeon So-min were requested for product promotion. Jeon So-min drew attention by mentioning the brand and giving information about the ongoing event related to the products.

In fact, Jeon So-min was previously suspected of false advertising in August 2020. She then personally explained that she uploaded the video before receiving the fees.

KARD So-min

At that time, she also said on her Youtube channel Minny J Somin”, “In today’s content, I will mention the questions raised about the ‘false advertising’ controversy and deliver the exact answer”. She then explained that it was not a pre-paid ad, and she received the fees after the video was made.

Meanwhile, Jeon So-min, a member of the mixed group KARD, has been loved by not only Koreans but also fans all over the world by showing both her individuality and her harmony with KARD members. 

Currently, she is running a personal Youtube channel with various content and carrying out communication with fans.

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