Fun facts about idol-actress IU: “stranger” relationship with her younger brother 

IU is among the most famous soloists in Korea with successes as both an idol and an actress. However, there are many facts about her unknown by a lot of people. 

To Kpop fans and Kdrama lovers, IU is undoubtedly a familiar name. The idol-actress has shown improved visuals and talents over time, and never fails to switch up her images, surprising everyone with each and every project. 

First, IU boasts close relationships with many co-stars and fellow Kpop idols, and is even considered a role model to many. Various celebrities have shown their admiration towards the talents and beauty of this idol-actress.

Perfect as she is, however, IU is dissed by her younger brother, showing an iconic sibling relationship. In particular, when the idol-actress once asked her brother, Lee Jong Hoon to point out her flaw, he simply answered: “Your human nature.” The answer shocked IU so much, she even had to confirm it again with her brother. 

IU also previously revealed that her brother would deny knowing her, saying: “We look very similar, and everyone knows his name is Lee Jong Hoon, so people seem to recognize him as my brother due to our appearances and names. However, he would always pretend to not be related to me.” 

Another fun fact about IU, is that despite her myriad talents, making PowerPoint slides is not one of them. In fact, she was so abysmal at this task, a video titled “Would you get mad if somebody like IU is your workmate?”, was posted on IU’s official YouTube channel. 

In the video, IU had to make a PowerPoint to introduce her ideas and concepts. However, she selected the most outrageous backgrounds and special effects, making it impossible to make out the words on her slides. Meanwhile, IU seemed unbothered, as if she didn’t realize how bad the slides were. 

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