“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Kang Ki-young → Kang Tae-oh, perfect chemistry… Park Eun-bin’s surprise video message

Actor Joo Jong-hyuk showed his unexpected charm.

Kang Tae-oh, Kang Ki-young, Ha Yoon-kyung and Joo Jong-hyuk of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” appeared on Naver NOW. special show on August 10th.

When asked if they were feeling the popularity of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“, Kang Tae-oh replied, “I got a lot of calls from my friends and acquaintances.” He added, “My mom told me to sign autographs, so I asked the company to give me autograph papers. My house is currently being furnished with autograph papers.”

Kang Ki-young said, “In the past, people couldn’t even recognize my voice, but now many recognize me by hearing my voice.” Ha Yoon-kyung went on to say, “My family contacts me every day and asks how I’m doing. On the airing day of the drama, they review it for nearly an hour, and they praise my fellow actors more than me.”

Joo Jong-hyuk continued, “I told Tae-oh about this. I didn’t feel it when I was going somewhere alone. Actually, I went to COEX alone because I was curious, but there was nothing. I recently went to the premiere of ‘Hunt’. There were seniors in the waiting room, and some people said, ‘Tactician Kwon?’ It was so amazing. It was the first time I had ever heard people’s shouting sound in my life, so I felt like my heart was going to explode. At that time, I felt that people were giving me a lot of love.

Ha Yoon-kyung then said, “I was at the Premiere event of the movie ‘Hunter’, and the moment they introduced ‘This is Tactician Kwon’, the loudest shout arose. Then Joo Hyun-young appeared and everyone went crazy.

Kang Ki-young went on to reveal that he worried a lot about the character Jung Myung-seok. He said, “In fact, I was very afraid of portraying a senior attorney with 14 years of experience. I have to stay relaxed even when saying difficult lines. I wondered if I could express that?”. He continued, “In the American drama ‘Suits’, there’s a role named Harvey and I was greedy to perform a character like that. However, I realized that it was impossible after a few episodes and I thought I should focus on creating good chemistry between the characters. I guess the viewers found my character sexy as I expressed his relationships with others well”. As Kang Tae-oh said, “The back of Ki-young hyung when he’s walking looks very sexy”, Kang Ki-young responded, “It seems like the older I become, the more good points I have”.

Kang Tae-oh also revealed his thoughts on his nickname. The actor shared, “My fans gave me many nicknames. Like ‘Upset man’… because of the line ‘I’m upset’ that I said. I was actually very thankful for that and I’ve never dreamed of having a line that would receive that much attention”. He explained, “I had to do many takes for that scene. I was not very confident about that scene so I discussed it a lot with the director and I can’t even remember how many attempts I made for that scene. I wanted to express my affection for Young-woo and take the lead in that scene.

Meanwhile, Park Eun-bin sent a surprise message video. She said, “We should have been together today, but as you can see, I’m in the middle of a schedule. You can still do well without me, right? I hope everyone is doing well even without my presence and don’t forget to talk about me, Park Eun-bin, and Woo Young-woo. It’s been a while since we finished the filming, so I miss you all a lot. The atmosphere was as good as the shining teamwork of Hanbada team so I hope everyone enjoy it. Please give a lot of attention to the remaining 4 episodes”. In response, Kang Ki-young expressed his regret, saying “I contacted her and kept asking if she could come, but she couldn’t make it because of her schedule”.

Source: daum

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