Hyeri shows off her golden ratio that was praised by plastic surgery specialists… Her forehead → nose are all “amazing”

Idol actress Hyeri, who debuted with Kpop group Girl’s Day, showed off her fantastic beauty. 

On August 10th, “Reply 1988” star and Girl’s Day member Hyeri posted a photo on her Instagram.

In the published photo, Hyeri seems to have gone on a trip to film YouTube content. It contains a variety of activities from the idol-actress’ daily life, from enjoying the sunset by the sea, to an “eating show” in the evening. 

The photos are full of Hyeri’s natural daily life as she did not act or perform on stage, with the idol-actress enjoying her freedom while traveling abroad without makeup. Her side profile also made for a fantastic sight, proving that she’s a true “standard of beauty” with a superb forehead and high nose bridge.

Previously in an entertainment show, plastic surgeons also recognized Hyeri’s visuals, saying: “Hyeri’s face seems to have a lot of colors. When you look at her appearance, sometimes she looks sexy, other times she looks like a kid or a sibling next door. Her eye placement, forehead, and nose made for a perfect golden ratio. That’s why she looks good in every makeup style, whether it’s tacky, cute, or sexy.”  

Back in December 2021, Hyeri drew attention for her appearance in the KBS2 historical drama “Moonshine”.

Source: nate

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