“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” ep 13: Park Eun Bin overheard Kang Tae Oh’s sister telling him not to introduce her to their parents 

Park Eun Bin was hurt by what Kang Tae Oh’s sister said in the latest episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. 

Episode 13 of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” aired on August 10 reveals the scene of Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) meeting the older sister of Lee Jun Ho (Kang Tae Oh). 

While having lunch together, Woo Young Woo shared her favorite dolphin story with Lee Jun Ho. Lee Jun Ho then suggested to Woo Young Woo that they should go to Jeju Island and meet his sister and brother-in-law together. This shows how serious Lee Jun Ho was about his relationship with Woo Young Woo.

At the meeting at the house of Lee Jun Ho’s sister, Woo Young Woo said things that Dong Geurami told her to say but made the atmosphere awkward. 

While Woo Young Woo went to the bathroom, Lee Jun Ho’s sister told him, “You’re not going to tell our parents you’re dating Young Woo, right? You’re not going to marry her anyway, so don’t tell them nonsense for no reason.”

She continued, “I’m your sister and I don’t feel good seeing you have such a difficult relationship. What if mom and dad know? Don’t you know that our parents and I want you to be happy? You should be with a woman who can make you happy, not the woman you have to take care of.” 

Sadly, Woo Young Woo overheard this conversation on her way back from the bathroom. Not knowing what to do, Woo Young Woo gripped her clothes tightly and suppressed her sadness.

Source: insight

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