Videos of VIVIZ’s performance in the U.S. reveals SinB’s poor status 

Some videos of VIVIZ’s performance in the U.S. showed SinB having a hard time onstage following Moon Bin’s passing. 

On April 24th, a video of VIVIZ’s performance was posted on YouTube at the “We Bridge Music Festival & Expo 2023” held in Las Vegas on April 22nd (local time).

In the video, the members were performing the exciting and upbeat song “PULL UP.” SinB, Umji, and Eunha were dressed in black and white concepts and carried out the stage with backup dancers amid cheers from fans. Usually, SinB would perform with full energy and bright expression. However, on this stage, fans noticed that SinB showed a mournful expression from the start of the performance. 

It is said that “PULL UP” was the last song SinB and the late Moon Bin danced to as a challenge on TikTok before his sudden passing. They were in the same friend group that includes those who were born in 1998 in the music industry. 

viviz sinb moon-bin

In the middle of the performance, SinB kept her head down and seemingly struggled through the stage. She fixated her gaze on the ground and left for the backstage area after the performance ended. Umji and Eunha carried out the introduction as if nothing had happened, but wore a worried expression. 

In the end, Umji went down the stage together, saying, “If you give me a moment, would it be okay to organize it for a moment?” After a while, VIVIZ regrouped and later wrapped up the performance as a whole, including SinB.

Netizens who watched the video commented, “Oh my god… She must have had a hard time performing like that,” “Being a celebrity is such a tough job,” “I feel so sorry for you,” and “I cheer for 98-line, but it hurts me more when I see the video.” 

viviz sinb moon-bin

Previously, SinB and Umji canceled the Grammys Museum interview and other red-carpet appearances for the day due to health reasons. During the Hi-Touch event scheduled for the day after the performance, SinB and Umji had to seat out due to health reasons. Only Eunha was present to meet fans. 

Most recently, on April 25th, VIVIZ’s agency BPM Entertainment released an announcement: “Due to the poor health conditions of the VIVIZ members, we have decided to cancel [VIVIZ’s participation] in the SBS Cultwo Show Power Concert scheduled for April 29. We will do our best to help the fast recovery of our artists.” 

Moon Bin was a member of the boy group ASTRO under Fantagio, who started out his career as a child actor. The late idol passed away on April 19th, shocking the entertainment industry.

Source: Wikitree 

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