Fans swoon over Song Hye Kyo’s gentle smile in “The Glory” behind-the-scenes

In recently released behind-the-scenes footage of Netflix’s “The Glory”, fans can’t help but be dazzled by Song Hye Kyo’s visuals. 

Recently, Netflix has released more behind-the-scenes footage from the movie “The Glory” Naturally, actress Song Hye Kyo has stolen the spotlight.

song hye kyo

In “The Glory”, Song Hye Kyo transforms into female lead Moon Dong Eun, a woman immersed in pain and seeking revenge. However, in real life, the actress is a 41-year-old beauty who impresses the audience and her colleagues with her polite demeanor, gentle and charming visuals, as well as elegant smile.

song hye kyo
Song Hye Kyo’s smiles behind the scenes of “The Glory” 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Watching Song Hye Kyo behind the scenes really relieves stress.
  • She looks beautiful, I just could not take my eyes away
  • Does anyone else see Song Hye Kyo’s smile as very elegant and charming? She’s truly a huge star
  • I’m always “mesmerized” by Song Hye Kyo’s smile. She was so young and innocent in “Autumn in My Heart”, but now she carries the demeanor of a mature woman.
  • I love to see Song Hye Kyo naturally smiling like this. When she’s acting, her sad expression scares me.

On the other hand, the revenge drama “The Glory”, which stars Song Hye Kyo, has been fully released on OTT platform Netflix.

Source: Netflix, K14

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