Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) captures attention with her fairy-like gorgeousness 

The “INVU” singer shows various charms in her daily update. 

On March 25th, Taeyeon posted several photos on her personal Instagram account, “(cold radish).” One photo gained particular attention as the actress posed in a corner of the elevator in a black tank top and a pair of white jeans. Taeyeon’s enviable physique shone through with a small waist and small face.   


Other photos were equally stunning thanks to the singer’s lovely and cute charm. Each picture shows a different aspect of the singer, who is filled with energy for a new day. 

Currently, Taeyeon is appearing on tvN’s entertainment show “Amazing Saturday” and is working diligently on her music career. She came back with her group Girls’ Generation in August last year after five years. They released the seventh full-length album “FOREVER 1.” 

Source: nate

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