Lee Do Hyun’s past photos in basketball uniform stun the crowd

Various photos of actor Lee Do Hyun back when he was a member of a basketball team have garnered huge attention on the Internet.

Actor Lee Do Hyun has been attracting a lot of attention for his role as male lead Joo Yeo Jeong in the hit Netflix drama “The Glory”. Here, the actor delivered an outstanding and complex performance, and his visuals as a genius doctor earned a lot of praise. 

lee do hyun

However, prior to “The Glory”, Lee Do Hyun’s first successful lead role was in the K-drama “18 Again”, where the actor transformed into Hong Dae Young, a 37-year-old man who is reverted into his 18-year-old body and lived under a new name, Go Woo Young. 

In “18 Again”, Lee Do Hyun showed off an eye-catching visual as a star basketball player. At the same time, the actor also impressed the audience with his basketball skills. 

lee do hyun

As it turns out, Lee Do Hyun had actually played basketball in school, and only quitted the sport because his father, a former baseball player, was against it. 

“I was a point guard. If my father hadn’t been against it, I think I would have continued in sports”, the actor admitted in a video published by Netflix Korea back in 2021. 

Now, photos of Lee Do Hyun when he was a basketball point guard have surfaced, gaining huge attention. In the photos, the male actor can be seen wearing a black basketball uniform alongside his teammates, while looking extremely handsome even without his makeup. 

lee do hyun

Netizens who saw the photos can’t help but express their admiration, and below are some of their comments:

  • Lee Do Hyun looks as if he walked out of a romance novel, a handsome upperclassmen who’s the star of the basketball team
  • He’s literally the real Hong Dae Young from “18 Again”…
  • If my school has a boy like this in the basketball team, I will never miss school
  • Lee Do Hyun’s visuals should be illegal

Source: Netflix, VKR

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