Lee Seung-gi transforms into a hot-blooded prosecutor, “Law Cafe” released an unexpected still cut

Lee Seung-gi is heralding a totally different charm from before. 

KBS-2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Law Cafe” (written by Lee Eui-jung, directed by Lee Eun-jin) unveiled a new still cut on Aug 3rd which shows Lee Seung-gi, who is turning into a hot-blooded prosecutor.

“Law Cafe” is a court romance drama which is based on a web novel of the same name. It depicts the story of Kim Jung-ho, a former prosecutor who is now a landlord, and Kim Yu-ri, a four-dimensional tenant. 

Lee Seung-gi is in charge of playing the role “Kim Jung-ho.” The released still cut shows his days as a prosecutor, which shows a 180-degree different charm from the sweatsuit look he showed earlier. 

He is seen wearing a neat suit and protesting in a rage. He is also expressing his opinion by hitting the desk. The photo added to the question of why Kim Jung-ho decided to take off his prosecutor’s uniform. 

According to field insiders, Lee Seung-gi perfectly turned into the hot-blooded prosecutor Kim Jung-ho with his loud vocalization and heavy pose. 

The production team introduced, “Kim Jung-ho has a perfect background that is hard to find in real life, including the best result among admission to the Korean University School of Law his year, passing the bar exam while still attending school, and finish the Judicial Research and Training Institute with the highest score .”

Lee Seung-ki expresses Kim Jung-ho more realistically and doubles the fun of the plot,” they said. “Please look forward to the extreme transformation of Hanryang landlord who was a passionate prosecutor.” 

Meanwhile, “Law Cafe” will premiere at 9:50 p.m. on September 5th.

Source: dispatch

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