SNSD’s Taeyeon regains smile after her real estate fraud incident

SNSD's Taeyeon has regained her smile.

On the afternoon of Oct 30th, Taeyeon released some pictures taken at the set of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” through her Instagram account. She transformed into a beautiful detective while holding a newspaper. In a photo, Taeyeon is looking at the newspaper with a serious expression on her face. In another one, the singer is looking through it like a telescope. There are a total of six photos, and each expression shows a unique charm of Taeyeon.

Fans are delighted that Taeyeon has regained her smile. Earlier, she was at the center of gossips due to suspicions that she was involved in a planned real estate fraud incident.

Taeyeon expressed her feelings, “Our family is still waiting for how the situation will play out because we were unilaterally informed about the damage as well, which is why I’m asking you guys to refrain from misunderstanding, speculating, and assuming the situation.” 

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