BLACKPINK’s Jisoo finally bought a house of her own and it’s in Germany? 

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo draws attention to her latest vlog filmed in Cologne, Germany. 

A video titled “COLOGNE vlog” was posted on BLACKPINK Jisoo‘s YouTube channel “Happiness Index 103%” on January 31st. 

In the released video, Jisoo said, “Every time I finish a concert, I keep hearing this beep noise. That’s why I feel like. I’m kinda in a dream right now. We arrived last night and performed today and we’ll be leaving tomorrow, so I don’t think I can film that much. It’s also the Christmas season here, so there are many stores with an end-of-year atmosphere, and there is a Santa market. So tomorrow, I’ll go out and look around and buy something cute.”

blackpink jisoo

She continued, “I named my YouTube channel ‘Happiness Index’ (also meaning Happy Jisoo). At first, I thought of JisooLog of JisooVlog. But eventually, I wanted everyone’s happiness index to increase while watching my videos,” while explaining shyly. 

Jisoo also did “What’s in my bag”. After the My Melody emergency medicine kit, Jisoo boasted of a hair tie given to her by her hair stylist, saying, “I have hair extensions in right now. It’s so long and oftentimes really hard to manage. That’s why I do braided pigtails often.” Then, she took out a rabbit key ring she received as a gift from Rosé

blackpink jisoo

The next day, Jisoo stopped by the Christmas market with Lisa. Jisoo and Lisa were amazed by all the pretty props. At the place where the small house models were, Jisoo expressed her excitement by saying, “I’m finally buying a house of my own.”

Jisoo and Lisa also did a food tour in Cologne together as they filmed mukbangs of must-eat dishes if you come to Germany such as nuggets, curry sausage, and regular sausage.

Source: Nate

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