IU – the female lead with the best image in Kdrama

Just by looking at the number of costumes that IU used for Hotel Del Luna, you can understand why she is called the female lead with the best image in Korean movies.

In a discussion to choose the female lead with the best image on the Korean screen, IU – the female lead of Hotel Del Luna became the one to be named.  In this drama, IU plays the owner of the Moonlight Hotel – Jang Man Wol.  This girl has to live 1000 years to atone for her sins by welcoming and fulfilling the wishes of souls and sending them to the afterlife.  In only 16 episodes, IU wore 122 outfits and countless expensive accessories, most of which came from big brands.

Let’s take a look at some of IU’s outfits in Hotel Del Luna:

Her series of accessories:

Although it was broadcast 3 years ago, it must be affirmed that up to now, there has not been a movie that has surpassed Hotel Del Luna in terms of building the female lead character.  Moreover, because the character has lived for 1000 years, IU’s costumes also change from time to time, making the audience really overwhelmed.  In addition to shaping, this is also considered the movie where IU has excellently demonstrated her acting ability.

Source: K14

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