BLACKPINK Jennie sneakily smiled after lifting Ji Soo’s skirt during their concert in Europe

BLACKPINK Jennie showed a playful side of her after lifting member Ji Soo’s skirt while performing in Europe.

BLACKPINK Jennie is at the center of attention again after she spontaneously did unexpected actions several times during BLACKPINK’s concert in Europe.

Recently, BLACKPINK went on a tour in seven European cities, including Barcelona, Koln, Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin, and Amsterdam, starting with London. Amid countless videos of BLACKPINK concert reviews and fancams on various online communities and SNS, Jennie’s performance is one of the biggest highlight.

Jennie won fans’ hearts with her sexy twerking dance, as she shook her hips and touched her chest. She also boasted her extraordinary presence on group performances with her members.

In particular, Jennie went viral for accidentally lifting Ji Soo’s skirt while doing the choreography of stroking Ji Soo’s thigh. Unintentionally, Ji Soo‘s entire thigh was exposed, but fortunately, she was wearing protective shorts under, which saved them from a catastrophe.

Jennie seemed to be shocked for a moment, but soon showed her playful side by bursting into her trademark smile. At the same time, Ji Soo drew laughter by continuing the stage as if she is already familiar with this situation.

Fans showed various reactions, saying, “Jennie is so playful,” “It’s funnier that Ji Soo didn’t care,” and “It’s possible because they are real friends.”

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK, who finished their European tour, will start their tour in Asia and Oceania in 2023.

Source: Insight

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