BLACKPINK Jennie shows insane sexiness in Europe leg of BORN PINK world tour

From taking off her jacket to doing body waves, BLACKPINK Jennie fully embraces her “cutie-sexy” charms on the concert stage. 

Recently, BLACKPINK has been swaying the hearts of people around the world through their world tour BORN PINK. The group is on the Europe leg of the tour with performances in London (the UK), Barcelona (Spain), Cologne and Berlin (Germany), Paris (France), Copenhagen (Denmark), and will be concluding with one in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

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On various online communities and social media platforms, reviews of fans who watched BLACKPINK’s concerts are pouring in, and Jennie’s visuals are especially eye-catching. 

It is mainly because Jennie, who is known for her cute and girl-crush charms, exploded with sexiness while overseas. 

blackpink jennie

On December 8th, Jennie created a decadent atmosphere while singing the song “Typa Girl” on stage in Cologne, Germany. Wearing a leather jacket matching her bra top, Jennie did a body wave with her legs spread and lightly opened her jacket. 

Jennie, who was deeply immersed in the song, stunned fans with her sexy movements.

blackpink jennie world tour

In another performance, Jennie even took off her jacket and shook her upper body to the beats, heating up the atmosphere. 

Afterwards, Jennie attended the Jacquemus Show’s after-party held in Paris on December 14th and showed skinship with people without hesitation. The female idol even gave an affectionate cheek kiss to someone presumed to be designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, drawing attention.

blackpink jennie world tour

Seeing this, Korean netizens were completely blown away, and left comments such as, “Where did the cute Jennie we knew go?” and “She transformed completely after going on tour abroad.”

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK, to which Jennie belongs, was recently selected as the “2022 Entertainer of the Year” by TIME, an American current affairs magazine.

Source: Insight

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