A series of Chinese actors were “erased” from the scene due to personal scandals in showbiz in 2022 

2022 is another turbulent year for top actors when hidden stories are brought to light, followed by careers that turn to dust. 

Li Yifeng got banned from broadcast for soliciting prostitutes 

Li Yifeng
Li Yifeng bidded farewell to his career at its peak due to personal indulgences. (Image: Sina) 

Before the fall, 1987-born actor Li was a beloved actor who had many notable works under his belt including “The Return of a Princess,” “Swords of Legends,” “Legend of Fragrance” and “Fearless Whispers.” He was among the ranks of top four artists with large fandoms and high commercial values in China, alongside Lu Han, Wu Yifan and Yang Yang. 

Li Yifeng

After the news of his prostitute solicitation broke out, and his explicit-content photos and videos were leaked, his career was over. The actor has been boycotted since September. 

Deng Lun lost his career due to tax evasion 

Deng Lun
Deng Lun’s career turned to dust at 30 after a few hours of being found guilty of tax evasion. (Image: Sina) 

An actor loved by his acting chops and highly trusted by brands, Deng Lun saw to his career’s demise when he was forced by the Shanghai tax authorities to pay a fine of 106 million CNY for evading taxes. The search phrase “Deng Lun evading taxes got fined 106 million CNY” attracted 1.37 billion reads. After 3 hours, Deng Lun was “erased” from Chinese social media at the shock of fans.

Yuan Bingyan 

Yuan Bingyan
Yuan Bingyan was boycotted for tax fraud when her career was thriving. (Image: Sina) 

Yuan Bingyan also committed tax evasion but with a smaller amount of  146 thousand USD. Moreover, the actress previously withdrew from the company she was investing in when it was committing to illegal activities. 

However, the actress’ activities were halted from July. She was allowed to keep her personal account with occasional video uploads but got deleted soon after. The public seems to have not forgotten the actress’ mistake. 

Lin Yanjun was exposed of gambling addiction

Lin Yanjun was one of the rare idol singers who achieved certain success when he switched to acting and received high praise from the audience. The 1995-born star was loved with the series “Fall in Love” and “Crush.”

Lin Yanjun

Nonetheless, in September, the singer was exposed by his own fans to be participating in gambling at the company and took his girlfriend to gamble in Dezhou (China) and lost more than 200 thousand CNY (28.800 USD). The money the male artist used to gamble was donations from fans. 

He was also exposed for lying about his relationship status. Despite telling his fans he was single, the idol-actor was actually seeing multiple people. After that, his image collapsed and Yanjun had to leave the scene for a while.

Lin Yanjun
Lin Yanjun had to temporarily halt his activities because of private life scandals. (Image: Sohu)

Tao Hong was investigated for getting involved in multi-level marketing 

In April, the trillion-yuan company of married couple Ting Chang and Kevin Lin was frozen and investigated for multi-level business activities and fraudulent behaviors. As their number one partner, Tao Hong was also entangled in this scandal.

According to 163, Tao Hong received a profit of 420 million CNY (US$65.4 million) in 5 years (from 2016 to 2020) from the business activities of Kevin Lin and his wife. Although she quickly withdrew from relevant companies to avoid risks, Tao Hong had already lost the sympathy of the public and faced many lawsuits and investigations from the authorities.

Tao Hong
Tao Hong used to be a veteran Chinese actress and wife of the famous director, the king of comedy series, Xu Zheng

Jackson Yee’s image collapse 

Jackson Yee was the top 2000s-born star in China with hard-to-beat film achievements. Starting out as a child singer in the group TFboys, the 2000-born artist grew up and was loved by about 90 million fans.

In spite of his unrivaled stardom, in mid-2022, Jackson Yee was caught in a scandal of preferential treatment in applying for a position in the National Theater. 

Jackson Yee
Fans expressed regret because the singer-actor was scandal-free prior to this “special treatment” controversy 

He was exposed of receiving star-level privileges, which angered average applicants for the “disproportionate” efforts given into preparation. Due to public pressure, Jackson Yee gave up the post. After the scandal, he lost a lot of fans’ support and is currently laying low and receiving criticism. 

Wang Dong abused his wife during pregnancy 

Wang Dong
Wang Dong is the worst husband of C-biz in 2022 

In May, Wang Dong was accused of neglecting his current wife and contacting his ex-wife to plan on appropriating her property. In July, she posted a video of Wang physically abusing her by strangling and kicking her during her pregnancy. Actor Wang was heavily criticized and had to stop his artistic endeavors to take care of private family affairs. According to Sina, his career was over as soon as the violent behaviors came to light. 

Source: k14

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