“Shouting at fans → Smoking during concert”… Reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin-ho re-examines the reason Nam Tae-hyun left YG

Public attention is focused on “Heart Signal 3” cast Seo Min-jae and Nam Tae-hyun, who is suspected of taking drugs.

On August 22nd, a video titled “The real reason why Nam Tae-hyun left YG | Yang Hyun-suk cried. Why?” was uploaded on the channel of reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin-ho.

In the released video, Lee Jin-ho pointed out the past of Nam Tae-hyun, who was recently embroiled in drug use allegations due to the revelation of Seo Min-jae. He said, “Reporters who conducted interviews with him mostly praised ‘Nam Tae-hyun’s humble attitude’. However, Nam Tae-hyun in front of fans, not reporters, and in his daily life was different.”

Lee Jin-ho explained, “During the 2014 concert when he was still a member of WINNER, he got angry and shouted, ‘He’s talking’, while Kang Seung-yoon was saying something. In February 2014, he also caused a no-look pass incident in which he gave money to the parking staff using his finger after entering a restaurant”.

nam tae hyun

He continued, “In a personal interview, I also witnessed how careless he treated his younger brother Nam Dong-hyun, who was a member of South Club at that time”. He also pointed out Nam Tae-hyun’s dating rumors with more than 7 celebrities, including Jung Ryeo-won, Son Dam-bi, Jang Jae-in, and Seo Min-jae.

In addition, Lee Jin-ho said, “There is one more issue that is being re-examined due to the recent controversy. That’s Nam Tae-hyun’s withdrawal from YG”, adding “Nam Tae-hyun made his debut as a member of WINNER in 2014 but left the group in November 2016. What surprised many people in the entertainment industry was that YG let Nam Tae-hyun go with no condition even though his contract still had 5 more years at that time.”

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Regarding the reason for Nam Tae-hyun’s withdrawal, YG said, “He has suspended his activities for months due to psychological health problems”. However, Lee Jin-ho expressed doubts, saying “Nam Tae-hyun complained about having a hard time but formed a new group called South Club two months after leaving WINNER and returned to the music industry”, adding “That’s why Nam Tae-hyun was rumored to have been kicked out of YG due to his involvement in a serious accident.”

nam tae hyun

In this regard, Nam Tae-hyun explained, “I can say for sure, it’s not that I made a big mistake or that there was some kind of incident.” However, Lee Jin-ho said, “I investigated the related contents. It was YG who dismissed Nam Tae-hyun. I can’t tell you anything about this.”

In particular, Lee Jin-ho attracted attention as he claimed, “The reason why YG dismissed him was that Nam Tae-hyun’s actions were at an unbearable level. At the time, officials even said, ‘We felt extremely difficult to take care of Nam Tae-hyun.’ Big and small incidents surrounding Nam Tae-hyun continued to occur. Decisively, it turned out to be true that ‘He brought his girlfriend to WINNER’s dorm’. YG couldn’t endure anymore and eventually dismissed Nam Tae-hyun.”

Source: Nate

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