Is T.O.P being abandoned by YG Entertainment?

The attitude of the company towards the member of Big Bang is making fans angry.

As a tradition, when it comes to the birthday of any artist in YG, the company will post birthday greetings with images on the whole fan page and website. This is YG’s way of showing respect for their artists on the big day. But most recently, on the birthday of T.O.P (BigBang), 4/11/2018, this tradition did not take place.

As a result, fans were shocked, disappointed, and even indignant at YG. On the company’s or Big Bang‘s websites which YG managed, there was no mention of T.O.P‘s birthday. Meanwhile, T.O.P is active in military service, which means the boy needs more attention and care from people.

Before T.O.P, Daesung, G-Dragon and Taeyang’s birthdays were all posted on YG’s websites. Many are wondering if his scandal has made the company more cautious in making this decision. However, the fans of the boy immediately responded: If that is true then why after the scandal, the company still used the group image to promote “Flower Road” – the latest music product of Big Bang?

Besides, this also caused fans to suspect the relationship between YG and T.O.P. Meanwhile, his contract with the company is unlikely to be extended. However, it is clear that all the members of the group are extremely close, and never intended to leave each other, so the story of Big Bang breaking up cannot be a problem for fans to worry.

Anyway, YG is receiving a wave of grievances from fans. And although the company did not post a message for T.O.P, his fans are still able to make a great birthday for the oldest member of Big Bang.

Source: Saostar

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