Moon Ji Hyo, the rookie who was recently rumored to be dating Kang Seung Yoon, suffers harsh criticism because of YG’s negligence

Rookie actress Moon Ji Hyo, the rumored lover of WINNER Kang Seung Yoon, is suffering from negative comments as YG fails to protect her. 

On August 17th, a Twitter account released photos of WINNER Kang Seung Yoon walking on the street, hand in hand with a woman, who is said to be rookie actress Moon Ji Hyo. As a result, the relationship is quickly attached to the actress’ name, and ever since, it seems to have become a “shackle”. 

In particular, Moon Ji Hyo published several photos on her SNS account on September 4th. Her post has since been filled with hundreds of comments, most of those mentioning her “dating scandal” with WINNER Kang Seung Yoon. Some are speculations, some are questions, but some are downright insulting to the point things get serious. As a matter of fact, there have been many insulting articles about Moon Ji Hyo after the dating rumor surfaced. 

Moon Ji Hyo and Kang Seung Yoon, who are both artists under YG Entertainment, allegedly met in March, after acting as a couple in the MV for Kang Seung Yoon’s solo song “Born to Love You”. It was suspected that the couple have been keeping a close relationship ever since, and with the continued silence of YG Entertainment, suspicions grew stronger.

Regarding the dating allegations of their two artists, YG consistently said, “It is difficult to confirm because it is the artist’s private life.” The agency’s intention is probably to silence interest by speaking less about the topic, but it seems that YG’s insincere attitude only induces further troubles. Now, sarcasm and blatant criticism are dominating over Moon Ji Hyo’s SNS account, with many pointing their fingers at YG for the lack of protection for its artists. This is a disappointing performance for a leading entertainment company in Korea, they said.  

YG has always kept quiet about all controversies regarding its artists. As an agency, it is supposed to actively explain and protect artists, but instead, the artists have to bear the voices of criticisms alone. The same trend also happened to BLACKPINK Jennie, who is rumored to be dating BTS V, and before that, BIG BANG G-Dragon. 

Likewise, Moon Ji Hyo also received protection from YG. Now 23 years old, she has to face a harsh environment, especially for a rookie who has just taken her first steps in the entertainment industry. Criticisms about dating rumors with WINNER Kang Seung Yoon should be directed towards YG, not Moon Ji Hyo herself. 

On the other hand, Moon Ji Hyo used to appear in the famous rap show “High School Rapper”, but was eliminated for forgetting her rap lyrics.

After this appearance, Ji Hyo signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment and was reportedly supposed to debut under a YG subsidiary, The Black Label, in the same girl group with Jeon Somi. However, Jeon Somi ended up debuting as a solo artist, while Moon Ji Hyo went on to become an actress. She has so far starred in Young Kay’s “Time Lapse” MV, Kang Seung Yoon’s “Born To Love You” MV, and played a minor role in the 2021 drama “Time of Memory”.

Source: 10asia

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