Current whereabouts of the male singer who was called the original “face genius” before Cha Eun Woo 

He is now a husband and father. 

Singer Yoo Ho Seok (Evan), a former member of the group Click B, released heartwarming photos taken with his wife and daughter on his Instagram on September 5th. He wrote, “She was so small that I was afraid to hold her, but it’s already been a year. She’s so pretty.”

In the released photos, Yoo Ho Seok is smiling happily as he lovingly looks at his wife holding their daughter. The happiness of his family brings warmth to netizens. This is the first time Yoo Ho Seok has revealed his daughter’s appearance. Under Yoo Ho Seok’s post, Kim Sang Hyuk, a former member of Click B, commented, “Please update frequently”.

Yoo Ho Seok debuted as the lead vocalist of the group Click B in 1999. During his active period, he was loved by many fans for his handsome visuals and good singing skills. Some netizens even praised his looks during ClickB promotions as “the original face genius before Cha Eun Woo“. 

Yoo Ho Seok left the group in 2002 when Click B’s activities ceased and went to study in the US. After leaving the entertainment industry, he made a comeback after 5 years at the invitation of Tony Ahn. He is now active as a soloist under the stage name “Evan”. In 2019, he married a non-celebrity woman who is 7 years younger than him and announced the news of the birth of their baby girl last year.

Source: wikitree

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